Winter Fun and New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy new year everyone! We’ve been settling into 2022, and are looking forward to a good year! We did a New Year’s thing last year that was fun enough that we did it again, and decided to make it a tradition! We had all who wanted to, fill out what their new year’s resolutions are on a card that we then sealed, put their name on the outside, and put on our Christmas tree.

We’ll pack the resolutions away next week when we put the tree away, and next year when we get the tree out, we’ll pass them out to everyone so we can check up on how we’ve done with them!

Although it’s been difficult to get around in the snow the few big storms we’ve had this winter, man is snow pretty to watch (when you’re able to just stay inside and watch it). We discovered that Matt J really likes making paper snowflakes once the snow hits, so he and I (Katie) have been making plenty of them, and decided to designate one of the walls in the art room as the “snowflake wall.” We’ve just about filled it up- isn’t it great?


And in a stroke of brilliance, Matt made some icicles to put at the top of our wall- so creative! Stay warm, stay safe, and Happy New Year!