Star Wars Day, and Lots of Catching Up!

Happy Star Wars Day! It has been far too long since I did a blog post- many apologies about that! Things were extra crazy and busy, but we’re finding our bearings again. That’s not to say that we didn’t have fun while we were busy, though!

We’ll start with today and move backwards 🙂 We did some fun Star Wars themed activities this morning, like paint while listening to Star Wars soundtracks and notating Luke’s theme on a musical staff in our music theory class, but the highlight of our Star Wars activities was definitely the Urban Arts Gallery. The Urban Arts Gallery is just over at the Gateway, and being so close, we tend to go there a lot. Well, they just put up their Star Wars show, so we had to go over today to Star Wars it up!

We can’t always take pictures with the artwork at galleries, so it was nice that they had this photo op area for people. In addition to all the Star Wars art, they also had some other cool fan art, like Lord of the Rings and Marvel.

Speaking of Urban Arts Gallery, we had some artists who were able to display artwork at the Urban Arts Gallery over the last few months. In March, we had 10 artists that had artwork on display in their Blooming Euphoria show, which was an abstract exhibit. That’s right, 10 artists! So, a big shout out to Chris, Cyd, Darin, Jonathan E, Katie F, Kelly, Linda, Ryan, Matt N, and Tim. And, to make things even more exciting, Jonathan sold one of his pieces! Congratulations everyone!

In April they had their Apricity show, which focused on landscapes and spring themes, and only 3 of our artists were chosen to participate in that one: Katie F, Matt N, and Tim. Here are pictures of some of the pieces they exhibited last month:

Now that the weather has been getting better, we’ve been having lots of fun just hanging out outside, usually at the Gateway- it’s just so close to us!
The Gateway has this huge photo op popsicle as a part of their new pop art display throughout the mall.
Tyler thought this was the best pose for a melting popsicle
Tyler loves escalators! He always insists on riding them up and down whenever we pass them, and on this occasion, the rest of our group rushed to join him.
We’ve also been going to organ recitals at the Tabernacle at Temple Square each week. They do these free concerts every day at noon, but we only go once a week. It’s really cool getting to hear music on such a big, grand organ- you should check it out sometime if you’ve never been!