Fun in the Great Outdoors and a Typical Monday at TURN

How is everyone doing this fine summer! Although it’s been a little hot for my liking outside lately, we’ve been going lots of fun places. We’ve been making sure that we always bring water, fans, and sunscreen, because, again- it’s hot! Last week, we went to the International Peace Gardens for the first time this season, and it was so lovely! We always love checking out all the gardens there, seeing the pretty flowers, sculptures, and animals (we really enjoyed watching the squirrels this time). A lot of the gardens that people wanted their pictures taken in were Asian countries’ gardens, so here’s some pictures from our tour through Asia!

Darin and Matt enjoying the Japanese garden
Darin and Tyler saw a stage in the Korean garden, and just had to be on it!
Matt loved the Chinese lion statues
Matt also really liked this totem that was at the entrance to the Korean garden

We also went to the Utah Arts Festival last week, and it was tons of fun! We were sadly too busy enjoying the festival to take any pictures of us festival-ing, but trust us- fun was had! And several of our individuals managed to get their hands on some free merch, so everyone was excited about that- free stuff!

Today I actually had some free time to wander around taking some pictures during classes to give you all a glimpse into a typical Monday at TURN 🙂 In Cesar’s drawing class today, they were doing an interesting project where they drew out some backgrounds, then had cutout images of various subjects and placed them onto the background drawings to come up with some crazy/fun scenarios.

Matt was enjoying coming up with his scenario

In our percussion class each week, most people use it as an opportunity to be loud! Everyone usually starts out with their favorite percussive instrument, but then there are a few opportunities throughout the class to switch it up and grab a different instrument.

Mandalas are pretty popular with some of our folks, and this is a class option that we have a few times a week. Jessica is definitely one of our regulars in mandalas, and she makes such beautiful designs, doesn’t she?
We go various places after lunch each day, and today we went to the Day-Riverside Library Branch. They have a summer reading challenge going on called “Oceans of Possibilities,” so they had some pretty cool oceanic-themed displays. Jonathan and Darin just had to get their picture taken in front of one of the displays!
A lot of our time at the library was spent in the graphic novel section. Jonathan found the Star Wars section, and Jessica found a cute graphic novel that was illustrated all in pinks, blacks, and whites.
Now we’re having fun doing some karaoke, and working on various art projects in the art room! It’s been a good Monday! I hope you all are having a lovely Monday too!