Mural Scavenger Hunt

We’re pretty good at finding the free art around us, and although we’ve seen several community murals near us (at the Gateway, by the Salt Palace, just down the street from us), there’s somewhat of a walking tour of murals around Main Street in downtown Salt Lake that we hadn’t done yet. Yesterday, we wrote down where all of them were, got on trax, and went to search for them! It was really fun seeing all the urban art our city has to offer, and we got some great pics in the process!

The mural we started with, because we wanted to make sure we saw that one even if we ran out of time for some of the others, is the Book Mural at 222 S Main Street. When looking up where each of these murals was, I read some background info about this mural- apparently it was commissioned by Sam Weller’s Book Store back when they were located on Main Street. If you guys go check it out yourselves, you have to go down a little alley, which ends in in a small courtyard where the mural is.

Christian wanted his picture taken by the painting of the Harry Potter book
Jonathan wanted his picture taken by the painting of The Cat in the Hat
Tyler decided it would make for a more artistic picture if he laid down in front of the mural

Next, we walked a half block or so to look for a mural called “Nature of Wisdom” that is located on the corner of 200 S and State Street. We didn’t walk all the way over to it, because as soon as we saw it, we realized it was better seen from across the street- it was painted at the top of a building, and there was a lot of construction right next door to it, so we just took pictures from across the street.

After that one, we went to the corner of 100 S and Main Street, where there were 2 murals on the sides of buildings bordering the same parking lot. The first one was a Jazz mural. I read up on it, and the artist for this one painted all of the outlines on the wall and picked the colors, and invited the community to come and fill it all in with the colors they had there, which we thought was a pretty cool collaborative idea for a community mural.

The last mural we looked at was a mural about Utah’s women, and celebrates the impact of Utah’s women, both past and present. We didn’t have time to really look closely at all the women that are on the mural, but if you want to check out who is featured on it, you can go to this link to see: ​
We hope you guys are finding lots of fun things to do this summer too!