Catching Up, and Art Show this Weekend!

Hey all! Time got away from me (as usual), and I didn’t realize how long it had been since our last post! So, here’s the run down of the past month or so, and highlights of some fun stuff we’ve done. First off, we are very sorry to say goodbye to our staff members Jake and David. The both moved on to other opportunities, and we wish them the best in their new endeavors and thank them for all they brought to our program- we’ll miss you guys! On a positive note, we already have a new staff to take Jake’s position, Cappel, and so far we are loving having her!

Last month, we went out to the UMOCA gallery by Temple Square, and as always, they had some really cool exhibits. But, as a part of this exhibit, they had an area for people to write down or draw their identity, so we took part! A few of us just wrote our names, but Darin drew some fish as well, because he loves fish so much, he feels they are a part of his identity.

Earlier this month we finally made it out to the Gilgal Sculpture Garden because Tyler had mentioned that he’d like to go there. I know I had never been before, and it was new to most of the people in our group, too. We had heard it was a little strange, but good thing that we’re pretty strange too, and we felt right at home! Now, photo dump!

Last, but certainly not least, we have an exciting art show coming up! Tyler, Katie F, Matt N, and Nic C all submitted some artwork for consideration to the City Library at the beginning of the year. The library had contacted us to see if our artists would be willing to do a group art show, to which we gladly said yes! So, the past few months, these four artists have been working hard creating enough pieces to display in the show. And boy do we have enough- I believe the final tally was 53 pieces! I took the pieces over there a little over a week ago, and they are now currently on display in the Lower Urban Gallery at the Main City Library. The opening reception for the show is this Saturday the 27th, from 4-5:30, and we’d love to see some friendly faces, so if you’re interested, please swing on by! If you haven’t been to the Lower Urban Gallery before, the way to get there is either using the elevator right inside the back door to the library, or use the stairs in the lobby area before going into the library itself. There is also a sign by those stairs pointing you in the right direction. Here’s the link for the event for more info:

A few of us had a chance to swing by there last week, and it all looks great!