More Cool Art Stuff!

Like I said in my last post, Fall is our busy season with outside art show stuff, and we have some more stuff going on!

​First up, a few weeks ago, Tyler participated as a panelist in a discussion about disability in art with Art Access. It was held over zoom on October 6th. I know they recorded it, but can’t find the recording on their site- if they end up posting it somewhere, I’ll put the link on here. It was a really great discussion about barriers in the art community for artists with disabilities, and Tyler did a great job contributing to the conversation!

Next up is the October show at the Urban Arts Gallery, “A Dream Within a Dream.” I mentioned briefly in my last post that Tyler and Matt N were both participating in this show, but now the show is upon us! We had a chance to pop over and see their work on display, and it all looks so great! The reception for the show is this Friday the 21st from 6-9. Check it out if you can!

We have another cool art opportunity happening this weekend that Tyler is participating in (that guy has been busy!). This weekend is the studio tour event through the Utah Arts Festival. It’s an event where artists all over the state can open up their art studios so people can come look at their work and their process. As Tyler and Art Access have had a close working relationship as of late, they had invited him to make use of their studio space to participate. His work will be at Art Access (230 S 500 W suite 110) on Friday night from 6-9, Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 10-6. Tyler and myself (Katie) will only be there from 12-4 on Saturday, but you’re welcome to drop by and see his work anytime that they are open this weekend. They also encourage people to use their app for the event, which should make it easier to find studios that are participating- you can sign up for this for free and find out more info about the event here: