Halloween Fun!

Halloween was a blast at our program this year! First off, my apologies- we were so busy doing all the fun stuff that I forgot to take pictures during any of the activities! That’s the price of living in the moment, I guess!

For our first period of Halloween festivities, we did some scary story writing and agamographs. What are agamographs you might ask? Well, they are pictures that make no sense when looking straight on, but when you fold them accordion style,  you see one picture when you look from one angle, and a different picture when you look from the opposite angle. Like, I said, I totally spaced on getting pictures while working on the activity, and most people took theirs home with them, so here’s some pics of the demo I made:

We had a few harder options to pick from for those that wanted to really challenge themselves, but everyone had a great time! In the scary stories writing class, we had some great guidelines to help us establish the various elements of our stories, and a die to roll if we got stuck, which would give us some spooky lines to work into our story.

For the second period of Halloween fun, we read some of the scary stories that we had written in the first class, and also read some other spooky stories to get us in the Halloween mood. The other option people had, was to make some Halloween themed strip collages. Again, I forgot to take any pictures (face palm), so here is my demo again.

We had lots of spooky templates people could work with on this collage project: pumpkin, haunted house, ghost, and bat. They all turned out great, and everyone had a great time!

Now, we’re getting to the really fun part of the day- treats and games! Quite a few people brought treats to share- we tried to space them out a bit throughout the afternoon so we wouldn’t be too overloaded with sugar, but we were still a bit hyped up. We had a fun fishing game for mystery prizes, and a game where they rolled a spooky die (a die with spooky pictures on it instead of numbers) to get a prize from the corresponding bag. There were a lot of small fidget toys, mini games, and art supplies to be won, and everyone had a ball!

We took our annual Halloween picture for those that dressed up, not everyone dressed up, but of those that did, we had some pretty great costumes!

Rose as a Jack-o-lantern, Chris as a girl, Nina as an elephant, Cyd as Freddie Mercury, Jonathan as Rafael, Darin as a doctor, Katie G as Ariel, and Linda as Cheryl from Riverdale

After that, we had some fun coloring sheets and Halloween movies going. Like last year, we decided to have a fun movie option going in one room, while a spookier option played in a different room. Our fun option this year was The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and the spooky option was Coraline. Well, we had loads up fun yesterday, and we hope you did too! Happy Halloween!