December Fun!

We have had a fun (but busy) December so far, and hope you have too! Here are just a few of the fun highlights:

At the beginning of the month, we put up our tree, and had such a fun time decorating it. The paper chain we’ve been putting on our trees for years has held up surprisingly well, and Jessica had a lot of fun helping me put it up! We had some ornaments we made last year left here, so we put those up, and then have had a few ornament making classes so we could add some more to the tree.

Lately we’ve been trying to go to one the various library branches near us every few weeks, and recently we went to a branch that for some reason or other, we hadn’t gone to yet- The Chapman Branch. It’s a small little library, but we fell in love, because they have a game corner. Jessica and August immediately found this corner and got to playing. Jessica was looking through one of the card games they had, and August was having a lot of fun on the chess table they had. Katie found Candy Land and had fun playing that, and Darin had fun chilling in their fun, colorful chairs.

This week, TURN had our annual Christmas Party! There was food, dancing, and best of all, Santa! Everyone had a blast, and thank you Santa for the presents we got, too! Also, a big thank you to all of the staff at the main office who helped make the party a success- I know a lot of work goes into those events!

We’ve had some really cool Christmas themed projects we’ve been working on, and unluckily, I’m usually so busy helping out in the class, that I totally forget to take any pictures (face palm). I’ll try to be better about that! I do have some pictures of a few of the cute paper ornaments we made this year- the candle was made by Rose, and the black ornament Nina made.

Didn’t they turn out great? I’m always amazed at how cute our tree’s ornaments turn out each year!

​Well, we are enjoying the holiday season, and hope you all are too! Until next time, stay safe and healthy!