Starting Pay:  $12.00 an hour 

(Effective 11/16/2021 starting pay will increase to $14.00 per hour.)


  1. A minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Valid Driver’s License
  3. Ability to Pass a Background Check (BCI)
  4. Basic word processing; other basic computer skills

Expectations of a DSP:

The job of a DSP is to ensure that our clients at TURN have great lives, learn to be more independent, and to be safe in their world.

There are various different types of positions for DSP’s.  We have Residential, Day Programs, Supported Employment, Supported Living, Respite, Family Support, and Summer Camps.

Residential programs require that DSP’s help the individuals at the program with daily living skills like cooking, cleaning, hygiene care, medical issues and medication assistance, leisure time activities, activities in the community and working with specific goals and behavior supports set up for them at their yearly PCSP meeting.  Anything they need to learn or have help with according to their level of skill in an area.

Day programs require DSP’s to teach skills that help individuals gain work skills, get out in the community on activities, keep people safe, teach classes, help with cleaning and hygiene, assist with lunches, medical care and medication assistance and with specific goals and behavior supports set up for them at their yearly PCSP meeting.

Supported Living program is very similar to Residential except that the individuals in Supported Living live in their own homes or apartments alone, married, or with roommates.  The individuals in this program are much more independent than our clients in our Residential services.  DSP’s often work with more than one person to get the hours that they need and will sometimes work Supported Living and Supported Employment.

Supported Employment program requires DSP’s to work with individuals teaching them skills that help them get a job, keep a job, and improve their skills.  They will help them with hygiene and how to dress, teach them skills on the job; also working with employers.  They may also teach them skills to ride the bus or flex tram to get to and from work.  As with other DSP jobs, they will work on goals set up at their yearly PCSP meetings and any behavior plans that are done.

Family Support, Respite, and Summer Camp programs all involve positions that help families with their children under 21 years old that live at home.  DSP’s will work with individuals in their homes helping the parents with things they need a break from and working on goals set up for them at the PCSP meetings.  Respite can be a similar situation, but often provides a place for parents to drop their child at a program for them to spend the day and do fun activities and go out in the community on activities.   Summer Camp is for children who are out of school for the summer and parents are looking for a place to go.  They spend the summer doing fun activities in the community.