Starting Pay:  $1,544.25 per paycheck twice a month-exempt position 

(Effective 11/16/2021 starting pay will increase to $1718.25 semi-monthly.)

Benefits:  Medical, Dental, Leave, 401K with match, Long-term and Short-term Disability, Life Insurance

The Program Coordinator’s job is to run the program caring for the individuals that live or work at the program, supervise the staff, and comply with DSPD, DHS and all contracts relating to running the program. When a Program Coordinator position opens, you are required to send a resume and cover letter to the appropriate person.  You must meet the criteria listed below.

Job responsibilities: The Coordinator oversees all aspects of this TURN program for people in supports, including oversight of the facility, where applicable. The Coordinator monitors, supervises, and participates in the development and implementation of Person Centered, Behavior Support, and other support plans and curriculum for each individual, in pursuit of the individual’s outcomes and personal goals and well -being. The Coordinator develops and supervises staff, oversees program operations, makes certain that individual, staff, and facility records are maintained, and ensures that Federal, State and contract standards for programs and facilities are met. The Coordinator is a TURN representative in the community and other agency/professional settings. Essential functions of this position include regular attendance, adherence to authorized schedule, and sensory levels sufficient to perceive signs of aggression or physical distress in others. 

Minimum requirements:

  1. A minimum of one year of staff supervision in a work setting, consisting of a) interviewing & hiring staff, b) monitoring and evaluating performance, c) staff training and development, d) staff discipline.
  2. A minimum of one year of work experience with individuals with disabilities; experience with developmental disabilities and challenging behaviors will be given preference.
  3. A minimum of 18 years of age.
  4. Own personal, reliable transportation.
  5. Valid driver’s license, current motor vehicle insurance, and clean driving record.

Additional qualifications:

  1. Ability to promote positive culture within a program and demonstrate throughout the agency. Promote the Agency Mission, Vision and Values.
  2. Demonstrated organizational, prioritizing, and time management skills.
  3. Effective communication and relationship building with individuals who we support, employees, support coordinators, families, etc.
  4. Proficiency in professional and community networking.
  5. Effective problem-solving, leadership and teamwork experience.
  6. Basic word processing; other basic computer skills.
  7. Experienced in Therapy.
  8. Knowledge of general medical conditions.
  9. Effective personal stress management.
  10. Performance of administrative functions such as financial, liaison, or reporting duties.
  11. Motivated to work and continually improve the quality of life of people in services.
  12. Completion of required training at TURN within 3 months of employment.