• Amy Kimball Engar

Shawn Rosenbaum’s Success in Employment!

If you are up for a challenge, Shawn Rosenbaum invites you to a race! Shawn has won two awards for being the most dedicated employee at Pizza Hut, and is the self-proclaimed fastest pizza box folder in Northern Utah. Shawn started with Pizza Hut in March of 2000, has missed very few days, and takes pride in being at the same store for the last 17 years. He has built great friendships and rapport with his co-workers.

Besides being a lightning fast box-folder, Shawn also re-stocks the soda in the fridge, re-stocks the dipping sauces, counts chicken wings, and assists with the dishes. He navigates the store and completes all assigned tasks despite being legally blind. Shawn thrives on working in a busy environment and enjoys working on days when big orders from the school district come through and he is called in. His favorite day to work is Super Bowl Sunday! When Shawn is not at work, he enjoys making people laugh, and sharing his love for music and movies with his friends.

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