• Amy Kimball Engar

Smile! TURN and U of U Dental School Team Up!

Since 2015, TURN and the University of Utah School of Dentistry have been collaborating on a mutually educational program. Our Director of Therap and Quality Assurance, Eddie Fung, visits future dentists during their "Clinical Prevention and Population Health" course, which aims to expose them to different populations of people they may encounter as dentists. He presents a lecture about people with developmental disabilities. Then the students visit some of our day programs and conduct oral health outreach activities. They teach TURN participants and staff how to brush and floss properly, and they supply everyone with an oral health hygiene kit.

On March 10th the dental students visited TURN’s Midvale Activity Center and Adventure Center. They will be visiting our Farmington and Clearfield Day Programs on April 14th. A huge thank you to the Utah School of Dentistry! It's a mutually beneficial program that everyone enjoys!

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