• Amy Kimball Engar

A “Night to Shine”!

On February 10, 2017, the Tim Tebow Foundation hosted its annual “Night to Shine,” a prom celebrating individuals with disabilities. More than 375 churches worldwide participated by crowning every participant a Queen or King for the evening and treating them to a night of royalty.

In Ogden, the event was held at HUB 801, an event space, in conjunction with the Genesis Project Church. Three dapper gentlemen from our Brigham City Discovery Place residence participated in this event and lit up with excitement when they were able to choose and greet their chaperones for the evening. Ricky Hansen, Lane Chapple, and Richard Frank enjoyed an evening of dancing, karaoke, seafood, character drawings, and professional photos.

Tim Tebow sent out a special video message at the end of the night to all the guests to let them know how special their presence in the world is.

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