• Amy Kimball Engar

Congratulations to TURN’s 2017 Exemplar Employees!

On Friday, May 5th, TURN held a reception honoring our new Exemplar Employees. They include Paulette Hardy, Sahr Johnbull, Madeline Martincic, and Margit Mueller-Merkley. Congratulations to our new Exemplars! You have each gone above and beyond for the people we serve and are exceptional role models for all of us at TURN! For more information about TURN's Exemplar Program, click here.

Paulette Hardy works at the Adventure Center but starts her shift at 5:30 AM at the Holladay Heights Residential Program to help the individuals get ready for day program. She discusses the individuals' medical appointments with the Coordinator prior to going into the community and ensures that they return with plenty of time for the appointments. Paulette worked with an individual who did not want to leave his home. Knowing how much the individual loves food, she developed a creative routine to take him to a fast food drive-thru to get a glass of water. This reinforcement led him to do short and enjoyable community activities with her.

Learning how to cook was a new skill that Sahr Johnbull developed after he started working at the Sage Program. He now takes pride in cooking healthy meals for the individuals, with them taking part in meal preparation. Sahr is willing to help out at a moment's notice. He rearranged his personal schedule to work with a sick individual who came home early from the day program. Using his creativity, Sahr was able to get an individual with challenging behaviors to dance and play musical instruments. He also pushes the boundaries of what others think is possible for this individual. This helps his peers to be less afraid, without losing sight of the need to be cautious and aware.

Madeline Martincic demonstrates initiative in all aspects of her job at the Studio Learning and Art Center. She helped an individual from another program when he had some medical concerns during a visit at Studio, even though this person was not her responsibility. When individuals have birthdays or are sick, she volunteers to make cards for them and gets other individuals to sign the cards. When she notices missing documentation, she notifies the Coordinators so that it's addressed promptly. Maddy checks her TMS Training Profile regularly, schedules her trainings in advance, and the informs her Coordinator before being told that something is coming due.

At the Salt Lake Hourly Services Program, Margit Mueller-Merkey works with individuals to live independently and joyfully in the community. She takes the time to teach individuals how to clean properly (for example, how much cleaning solution to use) and also motivates them by making chores into a game, She tells one individual, "I will clean this area, you clean this area and let's see who can get done first". Margit took an individual to several bike shops before finding a specialized bike for his height. He now rides his bike when the weather is nice, which has strengthened his legs and helped him to lose weight. Individuals' family members have called the Coordinator numerous times to praise Margit.


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