• Amy Kimball Engar

Employment Success: Charlie Bruner

Charlie is one of the kindest, most caring, and friendliest individuals someone will ever meet. Charlie loves being in TURN services and is thriving in his life and work. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case for Charlie. Charlie graduated from Highland High School in 1986 and worked at the University of Utah for 13 years. After Charlie’s mother passed away, Charlie began to struggle in many areas of his life, was about to be homeless, and had no one to help him. In September of 2003, TURN was contacted by a community member who was concerned about Charlie and asked if TURN could help. TURN assisted Charlie to get into a Housing Authority-subsidized apartment with a roommate and apply for Medicaid and SSDI benefits, which he is now receiving.

Charlie’s life has changed dramatically since coming to TURN. Charlie now lives in a very nice apartment with two roommates and takes a lot of pride in keeping his apartment clean. Charlie has a checking account and is learning to budget his money wisely to save for future wants and needs. Charlie’s self-esteem has also grown tremendously. Charlie has a more active social life, is better connected in the community, and has more money to do the things he enjoys as well as provide for his basic needs.

Charlie currently works at Highland High School as a Janitor, and loves his job. Charlie is in supported living services and TURN coordinates Charlie’s Employment-related Personal Assistance Services (EPAS.) Through EPAS, Charlie has learned many new skills that help him be successful at his job, including menu planning and cooking nutritious meals. This has helped Charlie lose weight. Charlie has also shown improvement in his personal hygiene and takes pride in his appearance.

Charlie loves being active and has participated in numerous activities with TURN. Charlie attends TURN’s annual picnics, Pastabilities dinner, and Thanksgiving and Christmas overnight activities. Charlie loves the Halloween party, the Christmas party, and the many trips he has taken with TURN. Some of Charlie’s favorite trips have been, going to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and wildlife and going to Las Vegas. Charlie also enjoys coloring, going bowling and to RC Willey when they have free hot dogs.


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