• Amy Kimball Engar

Larry H. Miller volunteers making a difference!

Larry H. Miller Real Estate Division provided 16 volunteers on April 26th to assist TURN Community Services with a Landscaping Project at our Midvale Residential facility. The contact and Crew leader was Lyndsay Gardner and she brought volunteers who are employees at Jordan Commons who take care of the grounds and buildings for the Miller Group.

The group showed up with many of their own tools and pieces of equipment that they use to perform their everyday landscaping tasks which was very helpful. The group worked from 8am-11am. They were able to moving a large number of decorative landscaping rocks/boulders from a number of flower beds, prep beds to receive new weed barrier cloth and new bark, mow the grass, and take the boulders and make a border around the inside perimeter of a vinyl fence along with some treated lumber for more definition.

The group was extremely friendly, hard working, and continually looking for additional projects to accomplish. The weather was cool and had rained right up to the start of the project kicking off at 8:00am. The Program Coordinator, Director of Program Services and the Facilities Management Team were extremely pleased with the outcome.

Thanks, Larry H. Miller Real Estate Division!

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