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Thank you to our June Milestone Employees!

Lydia Robertson – Main Office Accounting (15 Years)

Yowza! 15 years already? Where has the time gone? Working at TURN is very fulfilling. I don’t have much interaction with our individuals as I’m so busy working with numbers. But, I do interact with TURN employees. I do my best to help our employees with their needs so they are able to spend their time focusing on our individuals’ needs. (Not that I had anything to do with it, but I’m grateful our DSPs wages have been able to be increased over the last three years due to rate increases approved by the State legislature.) I moved from paying TURN bills to submitting billing for TURN in 2014. I have worked hard getting a system in place which allows for detailed and historical reporting and tracking in TURN’s accounting software. I also help with the bookkeeping for the Utah Special Needs Trust.

Mariah Petrosino - Special Projects Coordinator, Utah County and St. George (10 Years)

When I started working at TURN as a day program coordinator ten years ago, I had 12 clients on my caseload. My role with the company has changed several times over the years and each time it has, I’ve had the privilege of working with an increasing number clients. My current role allows me to be involved in the services of all of our clients in Utah County, Richfield, and St. George. Most of my original twelve clients are still on my caseload. I no longer have the opportunity to work direct care, but I feel like I have a front row seat to watch individual success stories and it is an exciting thing to see! I also enjoy being in a position to be able to advocate for so many clients. I consider myself to be very fortunate to work for TURN!

Laurel Smith - Direct Support Professional (5 years)

I originally came to TURN based upon the referral from someone who I looked up too, respected, and continue to admire. Hearing what a great place this was to work from Holly Ihenkoro had me excited to be here from day one. I began as Direct Support Professional, next worked for the Specialized Response Team and then became the Supported Living Coordinator here in Provo. After completing my bachelor's degree I moved to full time work elsewhere, but wanted to stay on here as a sub. I miss the amazing office folks and other coordinators that I now see in passing and am grateful for their continued help with the individuals at TURN. I LOVE working with the individuals we serve and being able to be a small part in their lives. I feel so blessed to continue to learn and be amazed by the joy each individual has for life and enjoy the time I have with each of them.

Tracy Decker - Exemplar (20 years) Joan Stallard - Direct Support Professional (15 years) Ashlee Vigil - Administrative Assistant (10 years) Gena Magallanes - Direct Support Professional (5 years)

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