• Amy Kimball Engar

Thank you to Workday for a fantastic Earth Day Picnic!

Workday, a company which has an office in Salt Lake City, picked TURN Community Services to be the recipient of a community volunteer project. The project was headed by Meryl Dweck, Nikki Egenolf, and Corey McClain from Workday, along with Eliza Detherage, Laura Brown, and others from TURN, who did an amazing job planning and organizing a wonderful picnic which was held in May at Jordan Park in Salt Lake City. Activities included karaoke, music, delicious food, decorating and planting pots, and a scavenger hunt.

Our participants who were able to attend had a wonderful time. The karaoke was a major hit, as was the food, and all the activities were a lot of fun. The Workday volunteers were very organized, friendly, and easy to work with. We really appreciate that they found us and decided to provide such a fun evening for our participants.

In addition to the picnic, they had left over funds of $1,700 from their budget which they gave to us as a donation. The donation has been allotted to our Recreation Fund, helping low income individuals enjoy Thanksgiving & Christmas with friends, and supporting them in other recreational endeavors they normally can not afford, like Special Olympics.

Thank you for everything, Workday!

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