• Amy Kimball Engar

Happy 89th Birthday, Byron!

In July, Byron Sorensen turned 89 years old! He would surprise anyone that met him to learn this because he is such an active individual and has the most delightful sense of humor. He loves joking with staff and his friends. He has a knack for making friends with anyone that he meets because of his friendly personality. Despite having numerous medical issues in his life, if you were to ask him how he is doing, he would reply with a twinkle in his eye, "Pretty darn good." Byron has been in residential services at Turn Community Services for years. In 1988, he began services with Project Lift that merged with Tri Connections that merged with Turn Community Services. Many of his friends, including his roommate Donald, were at Project Lift, so even though companies have merged, he has had most of the same friends throughout the years, and even some staff people for that long. Byron and his roommate have lived together for more than 20 years and get along great together. Not many people in our services have lived together for that long. A lot of that success is due to Byron's patience and ability to laugh about things that happen in life. In the past year, Byron moved from another provider to TURN Community Services for his day program. In earlier years, Byron enjoyed doing work projects with the other provider but did very little of that the past few years as more medical issues came in to play. He now attends the Garden Park

Learning and Art Center and LOVES it! He is always up for an outing and loves to learn new things. He says that he is happier than ever because they go interesting places every day. He has been to the park, aquarium, natural history museum, Thanksgiving Point, Cabela’s, Fishing Day at Salem pond, movie theaters, and stores. He loves the parties and fun that they have there and has really blossomed with this recent change in his life. On July 28th, the staff at Garden Park threw a surprise “cowboy” party for Byron, and many old friends were able to attend and help Byron celebrate his birthday and a great life. Byron certainly loves life and loves doing things to keep his mind and body active. He often says that he likes to keep his hands busy. No matter what else he is doing, you will probably find him doing some crocheting or loom knitting at the same time. He has a police scanner that he loves to listen to, so if you are in trouble with the law, he will probably know about it before any family or staff find out. He loves electronic gizmos and had a Ham radio that he listened to for years. He loves old Western movies and TV shows (John Wayne movies, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Maverick, etc.) and any show where he can learn new things--Animal Planet, National Geographic specials, science shows, and the history channel. Byron has such a wealth of information in that brain of his that he is a really fun person to converse with.


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