• Amy Kimball Engar

River trip with Splore!

This year we had a total of 34 people heading to the Colorado River by Moab. This was our biggest trip ever. Several people were new to the river. We tried something different and stayed in a motel in Green River. It sure made packing easier. Before dinner the group visited The John Wesley Powell Museum to learn more about the river’s history. We enjoyed a great dinner and headed back to the motel. There were some tired people who went straight to bed and there was the party room…

Our group this year included eight people from Richfield, two from Provo, three from Brigham City, and the rest from Weber, Davis, and Salt Lake Counties. The group included people supported by TURN’s Residential Programs, Supported Living, Day Training, Family Support and Respite. For a few people this is the most important and sometimes only trip of the year.

After breakfast we met Splore, had lunch, the safety talk, and loaded the boats. There were good rapids this year! One group, the “dry boat”, got slammed with some big waves. Needless to say we didn’t all stay dry. As usual we had a great time with water fights, beautiful scenery, and new and old friends.

One gentleman who looks forward to the trip all year was unable to go on the river. He would have been so disappointed to miss the trip. Instead of the boats, he and a staff, headed to the Red Cliff Lodge to explore the movie museum, teepees, and other things from the Old West. He is a big John Wayne fan and many of the movies were filmed on the ranch.

We had a great time! Thanks to Splore for offering such a fun experience every year for our participants!

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