• Amy Kimball Engar

TURN & Goldman Sachs Summer Picnic!

TURN's Annual End of Summer Picnic was held August 26 at Jordan Park in Salt Lake City.This picnic has been a TURN tradition for over 32 years. The picnic is for TURN clients, their families, TURN staff, and their families. Over 250 people attended to eat burgers and hot dogs, watermelon, beans, homemade pasta salad, and veggies. There was little room left on the plates for the chips and cookies. There were games to play before and after lunch, old friends to visit, and new people to meet.

Goldman Sachs was once again the sponsor of the picnic donating money to purchase food and proving twelve volunteers. The volunteers met us at the office to load and haul the supplies to the park. They assisted with unloading and setting up, and after the picnic they assisted with take down, transporting, and unloading at the office. On top of all of that, they ran the games before and after lunch. Not an easy task chasing balls, lawn darts, and flying sponges.They provided an amazing crew that didn't stop.

As always there were many volunteers from TURN including family and friends. I'd look up and there was another client's or staff's family member hard at work. This picnic couldn't happen without all of the support from the TURN family!


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