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September & October Milestone Employees!

Jason Bishop- Direct Support Professional, 15 Years

I enjoy working for TURN because it provides the opportunity for me to serve others in a way that benefits both those I serve as well as myself. I take great pride in the accomplishments of individuals that I have inspired in some way. At TURN, I am constantly amazed by my clients and co-workers. It has been my dream to teach martial arts and I am able to do so at the City Center for the Arts program. Recently one of our clients received his 1st degree black belt after 3 years of serious effort on his part. This is something I will never forget and I look forward to making new, wonderful memories at TURN. Thank you to my clients and co-workers. Lets Rock!

Tiffanie Clark Underwood- Coordinator, 5 years

Heather Isbell- Program Coordinator, 20 years

Lisa Mitchell- Coordinator, 15 years

Paula Demello- Direct Support Professional, 10 years Scott Godfrey- Facility Management, 10 years

Judy Isaacson- Direct Support Professional, 5 year

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