• Amy Kimball Engar

Labor of Love is Here!

It is time again for the Labor of Love Holiday Gift Program which has been providing holiday gifts for individuals with disabilities since 1972.

We are seeking donors, sponsors, volunteers. Success comes from the participation of people who sponsor the program by buying and donating gifts, donors who give money for gifts, and volunteers who shop and wrap. Each person is helping adults and children who lack basic necessities due to the significance of their disability. Many individuals with disabilities are on waiting lists for services, have little family support, and live far below the poverty line. Labor of Love provides relief for people with these obligations and situations which make the holidays difficult to manage. A form to Donate or Volunteer is here.

We also want to be informed of individuals who have the greatest need. People are eligible for Labor of Love if they have a significant disability, if they will be receiving no gifts without assistance, and if they are not able to afford the basic necessities such as clothing, winter wear, shoes or household items. If you know someone in need, fill this out and send it to Cynthia (contact info below).

Beginning November 1, 2017, we will have applications for clients available as well as a form for donors and volunteers. Please contact Cynthia Proctor at 801-524-8635 or via email at cynthiaproctor@turncommunityservices.org for information about this program.