• Amy Kimball Engar


Halloween is a favorite at TURN! Celebrations were held from Brigham City to St. George. Everyone had a great time and pictures to prove it!

Witches, goblins, zombies, a shark, and some not so threatening characters were treated to good food, music, dancing, and games in Salt Lake. The highlights of the evening were the costume parade and the “Mummy” game where some good natured staff were wrapped in toilet paper by teams of nefarious people. Thanks to all of the people who assisted with the party and the creative staff and clients for the great costumes!

The northern region celebrated Halloween at the newly opened Expedition Center in Clinton. Everyone danced the night away in the Learning Center courtesy of DJ Henry Neville amidst confetti canons and disco lights. The ghoulishly goulash and pumpkin cheesecake cups were a hit, as well as the fun Halloween crafts. Everyone really enjoyed the new location and are looking forward to the many parties yet to come at the Expedition Center!

Thank you to all of our staff who made the day fun!

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