• Amy Kimball Engar

Employee Success: Steven Miller

Steven was born in Salt Lake City in July 1957. He grew up in the Salt Lake area attending several different schools. He is the youngest of 5 kids; he grew up with 3 sisters and 1 brother. Steve’s dad had a large model train set at home and Steve developed a love for trains.

He also attended a technical school which eventually connected him with Columbus Community Center. With the help of Columbus Community Center, he was able to find the first and only job he has ever had at Rider Plastics. Steve started with Rider Plastics in April 1979 where he continues to work part time after almost 39 years.

Rider Plastics is very family oriented and most of the employees there have been there since they were little kids. Colby Rider, Steve’s supervisor, told TURN that Steven has been there so long he is part of their family now.

When talking with Steve about things he enjoys about his job, he said he likes joking around with his co-workers, shredding plastics, seeing the new items that Rider Plastics makes for its customers, summer lunch parties and getting bonuses from work.

Steve enjoys going on vacations, river trips with TURN, camping, Wendover, looking at and riding on trains, going out to eat with staff and his friends. As well as going to RC Willey’s with his roommate to get free hotdogs and pizza.

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