• Amy Kimball Engar

May the Force Be with TURN

The Force was awakened in Utah County as many of TURNs clients got to experience a newly released theater movie, in a way that was out of this world.

On December 15th the opening night of Star Wars, 15 of TURNs clients and 6 staff gathered at the TURN Provo office to make their way to see the new “Star Wars The Last Jedi” movie. They decided that this event was so exciting and so large that to get there, they couldn't just go in any old vehicle, they needed to go in their own spaceship of sorts, and they needed to do it in style. TURN Utah County needed to roll up with style at the American Fork Cinemark, which has probably never been seen before.

Since we all know Chewbacca has now taken over the Millennium Falcon, the next best thing was to roll up in a Limousine. That's right. A black (dark side) and a white (jedi) limousine captained by staff were rented for this exciting evening. Each and every client who climbed aboard got to ride at light speed (75 mph) down the freeway to see the movie event of the season. Upon arrival, the fun obviously had just began as all who attended were able find their seats, sit back, and relax in their reclining luxury seats while watching the movie with a refreshment of their choice. They were experiencing “Star Wars” in the best way possible. The movie did not disappoint.

It was definitely a night to remember for all, as each person seemed to have a great time and for all, but a couple people it was their first time ever being in a limousine. Each of the clients went to Costa Vida and enjoy some dinner as a group beforehand as well. If you listen close every now and again you'll hear a client tell you how much fun they had and how they got to ride in a limousine to go see Star Wars with their friends. May the Force be with us all.