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March Employee Milestones

Brenda Harris - HR Director - 25 years

From the first day that I started at TURN to now my 25th year, I like working at TURN because it's more than a day to day job. It's a responsibility to care for others. For individuals in services, for staff, for family members of those we care for and for other connections that impact everything we do. It's about ensuring that we are TURNing dreams into Reality, not just my dreams but others dreams too. What other job can give you that kind of satisfaction? It's also about the connections with coworkers and the value of mentors who have helped to guide me. I can't thank TURN and everyone involved with TURN enough for all of the years of support. I have seen a lot of happiness, a lot of sadness and sometimes some very unpleasant events but all of it together is what makes my job worth it. Each one helping me to grow so that I can be of benefit to someone else and hopefully help someone reach their dream as TURN has helped me to reach my dreams.

Trista Lawrence - Director of Program Services - 5 years

I LOVE working for TURN because I have the opportunity to see lives enhanced, dreams achieved, and to watch the individuals we serve experience new things. I work with a wonderful group of staff who only want what is best for the clients. I have watched individuals find new passions as they learn to experience art, music, movement, and dance just to name a few. I have seen excitement on the faces of the individuals as they realize that they have a talent. To watch as clients gain self confidence and to hear someone say "I am an artist" or "Look at what I created" is an amazing experience. I look forward to many more years here at TURN.

David Hennessey - Executive Director - 15 years

Since taking over as Executive Director of TURN last year, I have focused on developing relationships, establishing trust, and promoting wellness and improvement processes that could result in healthier and happier service recipients and employees. I love the Mission and Vision of TURN and the good that we help create in the lives of the people we serve. Although I’m “the guy at the top”, it is important to me that I still have fun and meaningful involvement with the people we serve and share in the successes and challenges in their lives. I have worked in this field for 45 years and feel fortunate to consider so many of the people we support, and their families, as dear friends. I also enjoy working and playing with the great TURN staff, and I look forward to working together to strengthen our self-management and leadership skills and improving our understanding of each other. I think it’s going to be a great year!

Bethany McCaig - Program Coordinator - 5 years

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