• Amy Kimball Engar

Remembering June

June Ann Thorsted was born on April 8th, 1960 in Ogden, Utah. She is the daughter of Donald Thorsted and Clarice Kerr. She began services with TURN in November of 1985. 2018 would have been her 33rd year.

June was a face for TURN. You'll find her picture in many places. June loved bowling and participating in Special Needs Mutual, especially the yearly plays. She was a Special Olympics competitor, and her medals hung in a place of honor in her apartment.

Brenda: I started my employment with TURN on March 4, 1993. On that day, June Ann Thorsted came into my life. From that time on, June welcomed me to be apart of her life. She loved going to lunch and spending time with you and she loved playing card games. She had some mean skills and beat me constantly at UNO. June also taught me how to cook. We made a lot of orange pork chops and rice.

June was very instrumental in teaching me how to be a staff. She taught me what was most important to the individuals in service which is no different from what the rest of us want in life: to be heard.

June was a huge advocate for TURN employees. Telling Senator Debakis while shaking her finger, "You need to pay my staff more money!" June always participated in the legislative process. She knew that others needed to hear what was important to her. She cared greatly about everyone at TURN and was determined to make sure you knew that your family, your pets or anything you valued was important to her. She remembered things and would initiate conversation regarding what you valued most.

June was a member of TURN Toastmasters. She was such a strong advocate for this club. If June was visiting the main office she was doing her best to solicit people to join. Again, shaking her finger while telling you the reasons you must join. Last weeks Toastmaster's was in honor of June. A member asked "If there's one word that means, everyone who ever met her loved her, and no one she met didn't like her," use that word. She was described as cute, sassy, mischievous, direct, charming, unique, caring, determined, quick-witted, bubbly, radiant, and finally "an ungodly amount of cool." The thought in Toastmaster's meeting to honor June was: "Legends Never Die; Live to be a legend". June exemplified that thought unintentionally.

June's last audible words to me on the Thursday before her passing were, "How's your family?" That was June to a "T". She lived her life thinking more about others than herself, even in her last moments which is an ungodly amount of cool. Her caring for others is what made her a TURN legend and I am ever thankful that I was placed in her life when I applied for a job.

June passed away on March 4, 2018 with her mom by her side. If June were here now, she would be so unhappy with me for making a fuss over her; she would be looking at me with her head tilted slightly, looking over the rim of her glasses and shaking her head in disagreement. You are greatly missed by many, June!