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April Employee Milestones

Kerry Hawkes - HR Generalist - 35 years

Except when looking in the mirror, it’s hard to believe I have been with TURN 35 yrs. There are only 2 people left from when I sKtarted at the Project TURN Diversion Program. Rod Olson, my new co-worker at the Diversion Program had been working there for 6 months, and Phil Shumway had been the Project TURN Executive Director the last 2 years. Those early days, we were very small. So small that a group home parent from each program could fit into a van and go on trips together (yum how to make delicious meals with government commodities - and actually many were delicious). Everyone knew everyone, and we were just learning and growing by leaps and bounds. Although many have come and gone through the years, my colleges were amazing, fun, loving, creative, have your back kind of people who helped build TURN into what it is today. Thankfully, so many dedicated, amazing people have stayed with TURN supporting us and the individuals we work with.I have pictures and memories of individuals who came to us when they were very young. We have watched them grow, mature, learn and experience new and exciting thing because the TURN staff who cares, and is dedicated to Turning Dreams into Reality for our clients and those who support them. Although we have grown so much from the early days, we are still a family and heartbroken when we lose one of ours. I stay due to all these wonderful people who have become an essential part of my life, and I hope yours as well.

Madeline Martincic - DSP/Exemplar - 3 years

I like working at TURN because I love the connections I've built with clients and other staff. Working at TURN has really shown me the impact one can have on another just by being understanding and patient. I love being able to positively effect someone else's life everyday! I've really enjoyed all the adventures I've had with TURN, and am looking forward to many more.

Maud Richardson - DSP - 3 years

It's been an opportunity working at Turn, with all of the talented, diverse professionals who work tirelessly to make better lives for out clients! What I love the most are the unique and amazing clients that I get to work with!

Becky Bingham - DSP - 20 years

It has been a treasured 20 years working for a company that supports my values. Often I think of how much the individuals craft and mold my life, as I associate with them and provide the support they need each day. Making a difference, and guiding their dreams, continue to bring me immeasureable joy. They are my inspiration! Living the dream job every day. The best job! Thank-you Turn!

Sherri Tatum - Program Assistant - 10 years Lukas Coates - Employment Services Coordinator - 5 years Jeremy Evans - Program Assistant - 3 years Mathilda Ngoy - DSP - 3 years Michael Tso - Associates Director for Facilities - 3 years

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