• Amy Kimball Engar

Meet Samuel Falsone

We welcome Sam Falsone as one of TURN's board members!

Sam Falsone is married to Petrine Griffin Falsone, is the proud father of four children, and grandfather to soon-to-be five grandchildren. His TURN connection comes from his daughter Nina, who currently attends the TURN City Center for the Arts Day Program.

Sam worked as Director of Field Sales Training for Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvement. He also volunteered for Splore, an outdoor activity group as a river guide and board member. When Splore declared its intent to merge with the National Ability Center, Sam worked on the team that completed that merger in January 2017.

Sam was a founding member of the Disgusting Brothers Band in 1977. The DBB regularly plays benefit concerts for TURN, Splore, and other nonprofits in Utah, and rocks the stage every time.

Falsone said, "I believe in TURN – I was first introduced to TURN on the river back in 1977. TURN was one of the first programs to participate with Splore, bringing clients on river trips, helping them live life to the fullest. I have personally seen how TURN has helped my daughter become a more independent, confident, & joyful person. In joining the TURN board I would be privileged to be a part of ensuring TURN’s continued success serving people with disabilities."