• Amy Kimball Engar

Meet Clayton Denos

I am a lifelong resident of St. George, UT. I am the father to three beautiful children (Calvin, 10; Lainey, 6; and Addison, 3), and am married to my high school sweetheart Marchelle. I’m a graduate of Dixie State University, and Westminster College. I have been in banking for 14 years—in that time I’ve been everything from a teller, to a Branch Manager, to a Business Development Officer. I currently work for Rock Canyon Bank (where I have been for 3 years). Prior to that, I spent 11 years with Zions Bank.

While I love banking, it is the community development side of my job for which I’ve always been most passionate. I learned early in my career, from a Branch Manager and Mentor, that the best way to bring business to the bank was to use your time, energy, and the bank’s resources to help those in the community in need. To that end, I have endeavored to use as much of my time and the banks resources as I’m allowed to help those in the most need.

I serve on the board of directors for The Learning Center for Families, The Washington County School District Foundation, The Dixie Power Kite Festival, Sun Country Home Solutions, and now TURN. In addition, I am a Rotarian, a member of the Dixie Exchange Club, The Vice President of the Pinnacle BNI Chapter, a member of the St. George Chamber of Commerce, a volunteer with Switchpoint, and a volunteer for the Southern Utah Down Syndrome Association.

My daughter, and her future is what brought me to TURN. When Lainey was born 6 years ago with Down Syndrome and a heart condition I worried first about her health and getting her through the surgery she required. Then, once her health was no longer a primary concern, I turned my worry and concern to her future. What would Lainey do if something were to happen to myself and my wife. Would Lainey have a chance to live an independent life? Would she be able to join the workforce, and make a meaningful contribution to the world around her? Meeting representatives from TURN was an answer to my prayers.

It was so refreshing to see an organization focused on just the sorts of issues keeping me up at night. The more I got to know the program (it all started by an introduction to their art center here in St. George), the more impressed I became. When asked if I was willing to serve, I didn’t hesitate. Organizations like TURN are integral to the peace of mind parents like me seek out when they discover that life has thrown them a curve ball. I know that with hard work, persistence, and the help of organizations like TURN, my family can hit that curve out of the park—and can create a better and more vibrant life for special souls like my little Lainey.