• Amy Kimball Engar

Remembering Gary

After a sudden illness Gary Duane Green passed away in March of this year in Bountiful Utah.

Gary was born in Clearfield in 1949 to Clifton and Pauline Green. Pauline worked for the IRS and Clifton was a Highway Patrolman who imbued Gary with a lifelong regard for law and order. Gary had three brothers and two sisters that cared for him a great deal. He was born with cognitive disabilities and a severe speech impediment that made communication difficult despite a very sharp wit and a formidable memory. His siblings kept an eye out for him at school to make sure he didn’t get bullied.

Gary was most known as a hard worker. After high school he worked many jobs in the community and always focused on whatever tasks he was given. Later he began to work at the PARC work center with Davis County Schools. In conjunction with the Pathways program, PARC helped him find his last job, this time working on fabricating aluminum cases with Zero Manufacturing. His work involved polishing the metal pieces with a power tool. Gary loved the industrial environment, tools, and being with his coworkers. He took care of his work station and always did meticulous work.

In 2016 Gary got to go to Washington, DC to be recognized for his excellent work by the Pathways program in their national award banquet. He got to meet a lot of people and talk about the job he loved.

At home, Gary liked to watch movies and look at books. He was fascinated with human anatomy and medical science. On TV he liked to watch the History Channel and other documentaries. His favorite topics of documentaries were natural disasters and the JFK assassination. His interests in movies were varied; science fiction, westerns, and historical dramas were his favorites. He liked to buy at least one movie a week on DVD and kept his collection immaculately organized by genre.

TURN Community Services served Gary at home. He enjoyed working with staff on some things but also liked to be left alone when he felt like it. When he was in a talkative mood Gary would tell stories about his life which were always very interesting and involved. He also liked living with his roommate; they would watch sporting events together or the occasional movie. Gary also liked walking around the neighborhood to see the sights. He loved babies and would always stop to talk to them and their parents.

He is very much missed.