• Amy Kimball Engar

TURN's Biggest Star Wars Fan

In honor of Star Wars Day, we invite you to meet Rob, TURN's biggest Star Wars fan.

Rob is a kind loving man who attends Spanish Fork Center for the arts program. Rob was born in Arkansas but grew up in Washington. While living in Washington Rob was able to work at a grocery store. When he was in the 20’s Rob’s parents retired and the family moved to Utah. Rob began to attend a Tri Connections program and has been with Tri and then TURN ever since.

When Rob’s father passed away he began a slow transition to live with his host family; Jessica Stone, Bonnie Tyler (Rob’s name for Jessica’s husband) and their two girls Franny and Dottie. Rob loves his host family and is loved by each of them. Although Rob’s parents have now both passed away Rob is still overwhelmed with love from his 4 siblings.

Most people who know Rob know he absolutely LOVES Star Wars. Arguably the biggest fan in all of TURN. His room is decked out in Star Wars as well as the Hulk. Rob has shirts, movies, action figures, etc. He could never have too much to do with Star Wars.

Rob enjoys reading and writing. When Rob was younger he would listen to Casey Kasem and write down each top 40’s list from the show. Rob still has these lists today. Rob also used to take phone messages for his mother. He would write things like “Your friend Karen called, she wants to go on a walk”. When Rob and his father were younger they enjoyed taking walks and hikes together.

Today Rob has a full life. He enjoys spending weeknights going to the gym, library, and concerts and plays at UVU with his friends Marilee and Shaylee. One night a week Rob gets to stay with his friend Cheryl. Rob gets so excited about his he tells his day program staff excitedly each time.

Rob loves going to the Spanish Fork Art Center each day. He always greets his friends and staff with a big smile and open arms. Clients and staff are always excited to see Rob as well. Rob loves telling people they are his friends. At the art center Rob loves doing yoga and dancing. Rob also enjoys learning art and making fun projects.

Rob and his host family: Jessica, Tyler, Franny, and Dottie

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