• Amy Kimball Engar

Amazing Moms

Happy Mother's Day to all of you astounding mothers who support, love, and sacrifice for your children.

Today we celebrate Diane McNeill and her son Brian.

Brian McNeill was born in Provo. He attends Treehouse Learning Center and participates in Supported Employment as well. Brian loves to dance and perform. He danced in the 2017 Miss Inspiration pageant with Miss Orem, which was a runaway performance he repeated at the Miss Orem pageant.

Brian's mother Diane has been a force for good at TURN ever since the McNeills got involved. Recently, she organized her local religious group to provide the 20+ gift bags for the 2018 Mr. Inspiration pageant. She also sponsored Brian as a contestant in the 2018 pageant.

She is a great example of a mothers unconditional love for their children. It was the love of mothers that brought TURN into existence in 1973. Today, we honor and cherish our mothers.

Love you Moms!

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