• Amy Kimball Engar

St. George Celebration Banquet

Our Chili's fundraiser in April was a huge success, and so St. George celebrated with a client recognition banquet! Thank you to all who helped organize and execute this wonderful event!

The banquet was 70's themed, and dressing up was highly encouraged! Clients and staff partied the night away with a DJ, a photo booth and a 70's face paint station. Each client made their own personal tie-dye shirt for the occasion.

Each client was recognized for their unique and wonderful talents. Every individual received a certificate from their coordinator, and had their accomplishments and successes highlighted for everyone to celebrate!

Over 200 employees, clients and families attended and everyone had a blast!

A special thank you to the amazing SUU Dance Team, which performed several numbers that night and posed for photos at the 70's photo booth with clients and staff. Also to our fabulous volunteers who helped serve food and clean up afterwards.

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