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July Employee Milestones

Bryce Moffitt - Program Coordinator - 15 years

I love discovering what someones dream are and helping them to achieve that dream. Sometimes it takes years to discover what those dreams are of those we serve, but it always worth the wait to make those dreams come true. I also like the fact that when I go into work each day I am able to help those who may not be able to help themselves otherwise. Be it at my desk or hands on I feel like I make a difference if even for just a small segment of time.

Heather Hanks - Director of Program Services - 10 years

I love working at TURN because of the clients! They bring surprise and joy to my job. Being able to spend time working with them and watching them achieve their goals makes the hard days all worth it. I love being able to come up with new ways to help them develop more independence.

Working at TURN is the best! I love that it isn't a typical desk job and that no two days are the same. It keeps me on my toes, it challenges me, and it's helped me to grow.

Ashley Beus - DSP - 5 years

Joey Peay - Plant Manager - 5 years

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