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August Employee Milestones

Elaine Williams - Program Coordinator - 5 years

I love working for TURN because our clients are absolutely amazing. They have so many capabilities; I completely forget they even have disabilities. I learn something from them every day that helps me be a better person. Their smiles, laughs, and joy, are contagious. It is impossible to be unhappy around them. They are so genuine and each one has the natural capability to read from the heart, a quality I am trying to master so I can be as good as they are. Helping them learn new skills and find new talents is so rewarding because they are so thrilled with their success and so grateful for help along the way. They are so eager and willing to learn and try and learn and try again no matter how long it takes to achieve success. They are so aware of and grateful for simple things. Their perspective broadens my own horizons daily. And working for TURN is just plain fun. I look forward to coming to work every single day, wondering what adventures are going to unfold.

Catherine Gilstrap - Program Coordinator - 15 years

Pamela Demers - DSP - 10 years

Guy Ryan - DSP - 10 years

Natalie Rahouch - DSP - 5 years

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