• Amy Kimball Engar

Employee Spotlight: Amanda Wilbur

Amanda Wilbur has been with TURN since 2010. She is currently the Program Assistant with Weber Hourly Services in Ogden. Amanda brings years of experience and fun to all those she works with. She is very versatile and has done everything from helping us win contests for Halloween decorations to securing employment for those we serve.

Amanda has helped create a great reputation with employers all over the northern area and has helped several people be able to maintain long term employment by working with employers to problem solve and adapt positions to fit our client needs. Amanda is involved with Special Olympics, Supported Employment, Supported Living, Family Support, Residential Services, and the Day Program.

She is our go to person and is always willing to jump in and do what needs to be done for the program. Sadly Amanda is moving to Moab and starting school in the fall; her skills, personality, and talent will be missed by all. We hope her adventurous spirit returns to work with us at TURN again some day!

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