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October Employee Milestones

Trudy Bryant - 10-2-1998 - Program Assistant

The reason I love to work at Turn is because of the people that we support. These individuals are the best they can put a smile on your face as soon as you see them even if you’re having a bad day. I love teaching new skills to the individuals and watch their face light up when they have accomplished them. You go home from work with great comfort knowing that you have helped somebody else. This job has been a learning experience it has taught me to have patience and understanding of others that no other job has done for me.

Makenna Davis - 10-28-2013 - DSP

I love working at TURN because of our clients. I love helping them learn, grow, and work toward their goals. Each of our clients are unique and wonderful in their own way and I learn something from them every day. It is hard to be unhappy around them. They can always get me to smile and laugh, without even trying. I’m grateful that I can be a part of their lives. Working at TURN, I feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life every day. I love it and I hope to work here as long as I can!

Karen Marshall - 10-22-2008 - Receptionist

People smiling at me and being excited to see me each time we meet, is something I've had at no other previous job. There is a real special, rewarding feeling in helping and giving compassion to people who need and want my help. I'm not hands-on with clients anymore, but it's fun to see them get so excited when they see and remember me from the past. That feels great!

Mistina Adolphson - 10-14-1993 - DSP/Exemplar

Candice Hawkins - 10-8-2008 - DSP/Exemplar

Abla Segbaya - 10-15-2008 - DSP/Exemplar

Amber Dinsdale - 10-16-2013 - DSP

Heather Yates - 10-1-2013 - Program Coordinator

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