Residential Services

TURN Residential Services provides support to individuals with disabilities who reside in a residential setting. We offer customized services specific to the individual needs of those we serve. Levels of support can include daily living skills, self-care/hygiene, health care management, community participation, socialization skills, leisure activities, personal financial asset management, and transportation.

Art & Educational Day Services

TURN Art & Educational Day Centers empower individuals with disabilities to express themselves through art, dance, music, and other arts. Skill building, participating fully and safely in community events and activities, and exploring the world are all part of the experience, designed to provide meaningful community integration opportunities, build self-esteem, and encourage creativity and self-expression.

Summer Camp

TURN will be hosting Summer Camp in Salt Lake County only for 2023. Please check back for upcoming information!

Employment Services

TURN Community Services provides a variety of employment supports to individuals with disabilities throughout the state of Utah, ages 14 & up to find competitive, integrated employment in the community. We spend time with each person and those that know them best to determine their skills, interests, abilities, and preferences. We take that information to find them employment opportunities that match their needs and provide supports, as applicable, to help them to become independent. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Paid Work-Based Learning Experience (eligible students age 14-22)
  • Work Strategy Assessment
  • Job Prep and Placement
  • Job Development
  • Supported Job-Based Training
  • Supported Employment
  • Customized Employment

To contact a Coordinator in your area or to find out more information, please call Selena Harris at (801) 358-6494 or email at

Family Support & Respite Services

TURN respite care provides families with temporary relief from the day-to-day challenges of supporting a family member with disabilities at home. Through Family Support Services, individuals with disabilities, parents, siblings, and others can experience new opportunities.

Mental Health Counseling

TURN offers counseling for individuals, couples, and families, with and without disabilities, in Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber counties. Cynthia has this to say, “I believe in the abilities of people to change their lives for the better through a variety of treatment methods.” For more information, contact Cynthia Proctor at (801) 524-8635.

Utah Pooled Trust

The mission of The Utah Pooled Trust is to manage financial assets for individuals with disabilities without compromising their government benefits. The Trust is intended to provide extra and supplemental services for the care, support, comfort, education, and training of the beneficiary over and above public and/or private benefits. For more information, please call Phil Shumway at (801) 524-8603.

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